You can now host special agent marketing campaigns for your local real estate agents. WeHaa’s innovative solution will create both print and online campaign assets, as well as drive online traffic.

Agent Promotions is a great new revenue channel where your real estate advertisers will love the hyper-local lead generation. SEO and geo-targeted Facebook marketing draw in new loyal customers looking for homes in your area.  

What Agents Receive  

Agent Landing Page
Each agent receives their own landing page custom-designed for their brand. The page doubles as a showcase for their current listings and a brand-awareness campaign for the agent with headshot, complete contact information, website and social media links, and a custom bio. Listings are imported regularly with photos, full details, and beautiful print flyers.
Agent pages are powerful lead generators with click throughs to the agent’s website, mobile click to call technology, and contact forms that alert agents to interested buyers by email and even text messages to their cell.

Custom SEO Keywords Package
The agent’s pages are promoted heavily online, starting with a custom SEO campaign. The Agent Promotion system leverages the power of your newspaper website’s own page rank to quickly rank your paying agent in the top of Google searches. Every element of the campaign is created using SEO best practices, promoting agents not only in normal searches, but also in mobile, image and video searches.
Dynamic Banner Ads
As part of the Agent Promotions program, you receive widget codes to place in your own site. Campaigns are automatically converted into a large variety of iAB-standard banner sizes and update in real time as the agents’ listings update in their landing page. Place codes in your ad serving platform to deliver ROP or dedicate a section of your newspaper website to promote your paying agents.

YouTube Video Campaign
Every listing is converted into a dynamic video slideshow with the agent’s complete contact info and uploaded to YouTube. The video campaigns come packed with metadata that search engines love. Give agents the multimedia edge in Google search results with a hands-free process that takes advantage of the latest online technology.
Facebook App and Retargeting Campaign
Social media is a key part of your campaigns’ success. Agent Promotions simplifies this with two different solutions.
Agents can place a branded app in their Facebook page that shows their currently listings. This page drives traffic back to their website, and the traffic and clicks are included in your reporting. Our tool allows the app to be installed quickly without dealing with the complicated setup steps in Facebook. The branded Facebook app is and excellent upsell and retention opportunity.
In addition, branded Facebook campaigns for the agent’s listings are promoted to local prospective homebuyers. Through Facebook’s retargeting capability, these ads expose consumers to your agent’s listings and brand over time, raising awareness and conversion rates.


Feed-less integration of an agent’s current listings – homes for sales, rentals, condos, land, commercial, etc.
Responsive mobile design across all devices & SEO Optimized
Powerful hyper-local lead generation!
Mobile responsive inventory widgets
Dynamic Facebook ads with retargeting capability and custom audience reach
Google API campaign performance reports
Publisher login to check performance results in real-time
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Need a Larger Revenue Stream?  

Need a larger revenue stream? Offer even more to real estate agents in your area with these new turnkey solutions that dovetail perfectly with Agent Promotions


Build lasting digital relationships
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Create online & print real estate
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